NPR Tiny Desk Concerts - Show Package
Collaborative project with Bella Shin
Tiny Desk Concerts is a video series of live concerts hosted by NPR Music at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen in Washington, D.C. 
The concert is known for the intimacy of performing at a close distance from the audience and the authenticity of the live performance without any post-production and PA system.

The design direction will be using a minimalist style that embodies the spirit of the simplicity and the authenticity of the tiny desk concerts.
We chose to use a line that represents the cable of the microphone. This will be the element that drives the motion throughout the piece. The line connects some recognizable elements such as the tiny desk, the record player, the name of one of the creators, and things that are found on the desk. The line then connects to the microphone and then reveals the logo.
All the styleframes where composited into a extended horizontal composition to achive the effect the camera was panning along the desk continually. 
Lower Thirds
Design: Yorlie Avila 
Animation: Bella Shih